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what is deep tissue massage?

The therapeutic massage technique I use is referred to as Deep Tissue Massage. For this type of bodywork you do need to disrobe. However, you should only undress to your comfort level so you can be totally relaxed during the massage therapy session. You will be covered by a "drape" at all times while on the massage table. Your massage therapist will only undrape each section of the body as it is being worked on.

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of bodywork aimed at the deeper tissue structures of your muscles and fascia (also called connective tissue). The Deep Tissue massage modality uses many of the same movements and techniques of Swedish massage, but the pressure is generally more intense or "deeper". Deep tissue is a more focused type of therapeutic massage. Your massage therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or 'knots' (also known as adhesions).

Deep tissue massage should not be painful, but it will be more uncomfortable that a classic Swedish or 'spa' massage. It is important that you communicate intense discomfort to your massage therapist. This type of massage works on chronic muscle tension or injury because there are usually adhesions in muscles.  These adhesions create constrictions which will result in pain by blocking circulation, limiting movement or range of motion and causing inflammation. The intension of deep tissue bodywork is to break down adhesions and therefore help relieve pain and restore normal range of motion. Your massage therapist uses direct pressure, friction, and other techniques to help break-up constrictions and adhesions. Unlike traditional or classic Swedish and "Spa" massage therapy, which is used mostly for relaxation, the deep tissue massage modality will focus on more specific muscular issues.

Massage lotion is used for deep tissue bodywork to provide medium glide and appropriate friction. The lotion allows the therapist to have complete control without excessive drag on the skin, providing optimum relief of tension and stress. Massage lotion is Hypo-allergenic, non-greasy, conditions the skin throughout the massage and yet doesn't absorb too quickly into the skin. Blends of lotions are perfectly balanced to provide glide with enough friction for deep tissue massage and offer superior workability without feeling sticky. Massage lotions allow for "good grip" for deep tissue bodywork, yet lubricate and protect the skin from friction.  Your skin will feel soft and moisturized without greasy or sticky residue. We use the highest quality ORGANIC lotions.

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