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Sharon H Petry, LMT, PFT
Licensed Massage Therapist
(570) 664 - 1990

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receiving a deep tissue massage

Our massage table is very comfortably padded, completely supportive and stable. It is capable of holding up to 1400lbs. We use high quality flannel sheets and the massage room is kept warm for your comfort. Quiet, soothing music will be played unless you request silence. If there is particular music you would like please feel free to request it or bring your own CD.  We strive to keep our massage room very private, quiet, relaxing and comfortable.

The massage lotion we use is of the highest quality, unscented and hypo-allergenic. Several essential fragrance oils are available and can be added to enhance your massage experience.

The technique we use is referred to as Deep Tissue Massage. For this type of therapeutic massage you will need to disrobe. You will be given privacy to disrobe and get under the covers on the table. Be confident you will be properly draped for modesty at all times. Your massage therapist will only undrape each section of the body as it is being worked on. If you are at all uncomfortable with the thought of being unclothed please discuss this with your massage therapist. You should only undress to your comfort level so you can be totally relaxed.

Warmth is very important to help your muscles relax. Therapeutic Massage will temporarily lower your body temperature. This is one of the many benefits of massage therapy. During your massage your heart rate slows and your blood pressure lowers as you relax. We keep our massage room temperature quite warm for your comfort. If you are uncomfortable with the temperature of the room please communicate that to your massage therapist.

When you arrive for your massage therapy session, your therapist will fill out a massage client intake form with you. This is a simple form that will provide your massage therapist with important information such as chronic medical conditions you may have or medications you are taking or if you have any allergies or are ticklish. When the form is completed you will be taken to the massage therapy room.

Once you are 'on the table' try to relax completely. Breathe deeply and become a 'rag doll'. Allow your massage therapist to move your limbs freely. Always communicate any discomfort.

For some people, emotions will surface during a massage session. We realize this is normal and we understand. Please allow your feelings to be present and try not to fight the emotional release.

If you would like to 'chat' during your massage please feel free to do so but do not feel you have to carry on a conversation. This is your time and we want your experience to be as individualized and pleasant as possible. If you prefer silence we understand and will respect your wishes.

Your massage session will last about one hour and will begin with you lying on your back on the massage table. You will be completely covered and have a pillow placed under your knees for comfort. The room will be darkened to help you relax.

Your therapeutic massage session will proceed as follows:

  • Face and Scalp
  • Neck and Tops of Shoulders
  • Hands, Arms, Front and Back of shoulders
  • Bottom and Top of Feet, Front of Legs
The Massage Therapist will then place a face rest at the top of the table, slide the pillow to your ankles and hold the blanket so you can turn over onto your stomach. When you roll over be confident that you will be completely shielded by the blanket. Your Massage therapist will instruct you to move forward slightly as you turn over so can place your face in the rest. The face rest allows you to keep your face down and helps to relax your neck. An arm rest will also be available. Pillow placement will be checked to be certain it is under the front of your ankles so your knees are comfortable and slightly bent.
  • Calves, Backs of legs, Outer Buttocks
  • Back, Top of Buttocks

When your massage session is completed the massage therapist will make sure you are completely covered and comfortable. The therapist will leave the room and allow you time to get dressed. When you are ready, meet the therapist back at the front desk where you can settle your bill and make your next appointment. You should discuss how you feel or if you have any concerns. Your therapist may also have feedback for you in regard to muscular tension or imbalances they had found during the massage.

Please contact me for an appointment
(570) 664 - 1990

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Located In Reeders, Pa.,  In the Beautiful Pocono Mountains
Near The Crossings Outlets and Camelbeach / Camelback Ski Area
Serving Monroe County: Tannersville, Stroudsburg, Reeders, Bartonsville, Snydersville, and Surrounding Areas.

Very Truly Yours
Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
Stroudsburg Pa. 18360
(Actual location is REEDERS)

(570) 664 - 1990

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